Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May 26

May 24
No pic.

May 25
Wide eyed reflections

May 23

May 22
Lonely deserts in the playground

May 21
Whoosh, swirl, bubble, flow...

May 20
Walking the plank

May 19

May 18
Smiling faces

May 17
The law of three's.

May 16
Lots of cool new books from the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair!

May 14
No pic.

May 15

May 11
No permission to post pic.

May 12
No pic.
May 13

Montreal: The city that is my home. How I love it. ♥

May 1
No pics. I was traveling to Boston, and by the time I got there, I was really damn tired...

May 2
Ty's Birthday party!

I pretty much took a picture every other day, or close to it, while I was in Boston. Life was busy, and I often forgot to photograph the busy-ness!

May 4
Too many elements

May 6
Hippie children love forests. This is a good thing for both hippie children and forests.

May 7
Music is good.

May 8
Tell me, Grandfather...

May 9
Dance, dance.

May 10
Frisbee! Then home I go...

There are no photo's for a couple of days.

April 30
Magnifying life's little problems

April 27
Swing life away

April 25
No pic.

April 26
Notebooks make up the pages of my life.

April 24

April 23
Getting a handle on things, or yay for unoriginality.

April 21
No pic.

April 22
The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A Postsecret Book

April 20
Cute gwumpy kitty cat :-)

April 18
No picture... But not because I didn't take one! I only have pictures of a single person this day, and I don't her her permission to post the pictures online.

April 19
No pic.