Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 28
The universe came to visit
In a splash of water
Baking in the icy sun
It blinked it's starry eyes
Then passed on
To another corner
And another sun

March 27
I forgot to take a pic again! :-(
March 26
Our soles tell the story of where we've been,
And show us where we could be going...

March 25

All the Troubles of thou plague me, and yet you elude me so? Hark! Who Art thou that should linger there as the sun lingers before it is about to set, and yet continues as you do, the promise of a bright tomorrow, after the stormy and dark night. Peace for I love thee. - Nick Buonvino (thanks for letting me use this! :-))

March 24
Touching Spring, just out of reach...

March 23
The greatest mug in the world!

March 22
I started a 365 day self-portrait project, which can be found here. I'm continuing with this project as well, though, so no worries! :-P
March 21
Hello, me!